Monday, December 31, 2012

Music for 2013 - Jake Bugg

It's almost 2013, and we made it past the end of the world ! To bring in the New Year here is a singer song writer called Jake Bugg, he's only 18 and from Nottingham in the UK. He has already played at Glastonbury, and been on Later with Jools Holland, and his first self titled album went to No 1 in the UK.

This track is called Lightning Bolt :

Friday, December 14, 2012

Ted Baker's Kinky Snowman !

This has to be one of the kinkiest snowmen out there this Xmas, he's in Ted Baker's window in Victoria Square, Belfast :

Paperchase Xmas in Belfast

With Paperchase looking so good at the moment, it's great to find some of our art in the store, especially at Xmas. 

Paperchase window at the Belfast Store in Arthur Street. 

Steph T's art on some party goodies. 

Follow this link : Stephanie Thannauser to see more of this print on the Xmas products in Paperchase.

Here is one of Andrea's jungle prints on some fun gift wrap. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Music For The Weekend : Little Feat

One band whose music has remained timeless, and right up there with the best is Little Feat  ! Their singer, songwriter, and guitar player Lowell George sadly died at the age of 32 back in the '70's (yes the '70's) but the band still keeps going to this day.
The sound recording back then was probably not what is is now, but this track was filmed at a festival in Holland in 1976, and sounds pretty good ! Their sound was all their own, and this track is Fat Man In The Bath Tub :

Their albums include Little Feat, Dixie Chicken, Sailing Shoes, and Feats Don't Fail Me Now, check them out ! 

Mamas and Papas II

Mamas and Papas certainly have some of the best soft toys out there at the moment, the colours are great ! Here are some more photo's from their Belfast store :