Monday, September 29, 2014

Andrea's Let's Go Collection At Camelot Fabrics !

The weekend went by so quickly, but at least our Irish 'summer' is still hanging on ! 

Andrea has a new fabric collection at Camelot called Let's Go. It features the ubiquititous fox and other cute woodland characters all having fun camping and canoeing in the autumn ! You can check out all the prints and colours for Let's Go and Andrea's other collections at

If you are a crafter or quilter you should check out the Camelot Fabrics blog, it has loads of updates and  idea's for new projects.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Indigo September 2014

It was exciting going back to Indigo again, the area was very well laid out and full of great design ! This Indigo was certainly the busiest show (for visitors) we have done in the past few years, and it was how shows used to be, I am guessing before the recession hit, this show had a real buzz. Being a last minute exhibitor meant our booth had to be fitted in, but we ended up in a very good place that could be seen from all round, including from Premier Vision. The good thing is we connected again with some clients we had not seen for a few years, and we also have some good follow up contacts, which is really what these shows should be about.

Here are a few shots of the booth :

We might be back for the Spring Indigo show too ..  hold this space ! 

A big thanks to Bowie at Print Pattern for putting our flyer up on her blog too !

Friday, September 19, 2014

Last Minute Indigo 2014 !

We usually plan shows way in advance, and to be honest showing at Indigo was not in our plans this year. But we have a lot of exciting new prints in the collection, and we have not shown in Paris for years, so out of the blue Indigo here we come ! The show organisers have been very good at finding a space for us, and helping us put a booth together, plus we have everything we need for the booth, so Paris here we come !

If you are coming to the show and would like to see the print collection, please email us ( for an appointment at Booth 5U65. See you there !