Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Alison Goode

We have had these three embroideries with us since the '90's when we were living in London, and we still keep them up where we can see them now. They are by an artist called Alison Goode and we love them. The first one is called Beaky Bobble the Bobble Bird and was done in '94, the second one is called Soggy Moggy the Orange cat and is from the same year. The one with the pig is not named and is from '92. The colours almost come out right in these pictures, they are brighter in real life, and the nice thing is they still feel so relevant now. We have searched the internet for any information on Alison Goode but we can't find anything, so if you know of her please drop us an email.  


Frontier is one of those shops that you walk into, and it feels like you crossed the threshold into another world ! So many wonderful 'things' and colours and patterns everywhere. The shop itself has plenty of space and probably dates back to the 1800's, but its like a lot of those buildings from that age, once they get stripped back to the bare bones they have a wonderful feel to them. It lets all the gifts and fabrics stand out and light up the shop :

I can't find a website for them but they are at 193 East Clayton Street, Athens. If you are in the area they are well worth a visit !       

Monday, September 27, 2010


Took a trip up to Athens this Saturday, not the Athens of the Parthenon, but Athens, home of the Bulldogs and Georgia State University. The town centre is not that large but its tree lined streets are full of restaurants, bars and some great stand alone retail stores. It has a real cosmopolitan feel to it, with many of the restaurants having al fresco eating area's out on the pavement, and you'll even find a guy playing a violin under the shade of one of the trees.

Some of the best shops like Frontier, Helix, Flirts, Bluegirl Boutique, Cillies Clothing and the Native American store are on East Clayton street, here are some of the shop fronts :

Red and Black is definitely a big theme for this Fall :

Helix had a couple of nice windows, I wish the shop had been open at the time :


Athens loves it's Bulldogs, here are two found lurking suspiciously on the street corners : 

We found Dynamite on our first visit to Athens back in February : 

And again this weekend.  You can find them at 143, North Jackson Street :


Will post again tomorrow on the gorgeous Frontier store !

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Old Navy Halloween

Old Navy always do such a good job of Halloween with their bold graphics. Some of their designs are also glow in the dark. Here are a few of the T shirts and bags in the store at the moment :

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


For anyone that hasn't been to Tokyo we wanted to share some of the wierd and wonderful sights !

Tokyo is vast. This image was taken from the observatory in Tokyo tower. On a clear day you can see Mount Fuji and even Yokohama, as one city runs straight into the other.

As space is a rare commodity in Tokyo, the tops of some buildings have become football pitches ! 

And walls are filled with vending machines ... 

Even the toy vending machines look like little robots ... 

Cute critters are everywhere ...

More cute critters ... 

And creepy crawlies too ... 

A really cool store in Tokyo is Comme Ci Comme Ca, they had beautiful clean graphics in their window ...

We just loved these wonderful tea cups and tea pots in the Shinzi Katoh store ... 

If we were kids we would love to be going here everyday, what a cool play school window ...  

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


We passed this great halloween display about three miles north of Newnan in Georgia, on Highway 29.
The store is called Veggie Patch, it's a little early yet, but they really caught the spirit of Halloween !

Atlanta Arts Festival - A Walk in the Park

The Festival makes a very pleasant morning walking around Piedmont Park in the sunshine, soaking up the creativity from various artists.

Mr Hooper Art
We collect anything to do with Robots here at Cinnamon Joe, and when we spied the wonderful Robots created by artist Tim Hooper we just had to have one.

We really love the mix of ephemeral with the modern glossy tin man, both of which are very topical.

You can find Tim Hooper at !

Darrell Lane
It was so nice to meet Darrell at the Festival, he is an amazing photographer that has travelled to many places in the world, his photographs capture people in their most natural and candid of moments.  He hand tints his photographs using cotton twisted around toothpicks as a painting tool, and uses oil dyes and water based paints applied directly to the black and white photographs. His artwork which also includes ancient architecture and landscapes, has appeared in national and international publications. 

I am posting his Facebook details, you can find out more about him there. 

Ella Richards
An artist who amazingly creates the most fluid art from paper cutting ! Ella draws out the design first, and then when she is happy with the image she cuts it out and glues it onto watercolour paper. We love the playfulness of the images, the lines have a sense of naivety and innocence, but are strong and definite, no line seems out of place. 

Ella very kindly gave us these beautiful postcards. Please take a look at her wonderful art at !