Thursday, January 20, 2011

And now for something completely different !

Before the weather got cold last year we went to this amazing Safari Park at Pine Mountain in Georgia.
We had no idea what to expect, and when we got there we saw that we could either take our car around the park, or ride in a Safari bus. We decided we would take our car as it is a jeep and pretty rugged. Before you go in you can buy some prepared food to feed the animals with, which comes in the form of hard dried nuggets, and also arm yourself with a slobber cloth ! We were really curious about the slobber cloth but once we were in the park all became clear. We drove through the gates and were immediately surrounded by all sorts of buffalo, deer, wild pigs, goats who were all obviously used to getting their food by putting their heads through the car windows :) ! The smaller animals like the deer were great because they were a little a nervous and it was easy to drop them a nugget or two on the floor. But it was quite a shock when a large water buffalo wandered slowly over and pushed her nose through the open car window, slobbering and drooling all down the car door ! Anyway we went all round the park trail once, and then enjoyed it so much we went round again !

Don't worry buddy ... I'll protect you ! 

That was some blowout ... I really must cut down on my portions !!!

Excuse me ... My friend wanted to know if you have any food in there ! 

Can I have a taste first ? 

Honk all you like mate ... I am not moving ! 

Yes  ???

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