Monday, June 13, 2011

Scotts Antique Market & Anthropologie 2

The weekend came and went ! We did get to Scotts Antiques Market on Saturday, it's just off the 285 in  in the Atlanta Exposition Centre, to the south east of Atlanta. It is a huge event and happens on the second weekend of every month. The weather is USUALLY clear blue skies and sun, so apart from the two main halls, there are a lot of vendors outside selling house reclamation and architectural bits and pieces ! It is best to get there early in the morning to do the outside bit because it gets so HOT later in the day ! We have found quite a lot of pieces that we like, and we've had a lot fun bartering with the vendors for the things we really want !  

Following on from last week : Here are the rest of the Anthropologie photo's :

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