Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Highland Row Antiques, Virginia Highlands, Atlanta

Sandwiched between Youngblood and the Atlanta Cup Cake shop in Virginia Highlands, is an antique store called Highland Row Antiques. Upstairs has lots of smaller retro pieces, and at the back of the store is a small staircase down into a basement area. When I say basement the area is HUGE ! It's opens out into several brick rooms that give it the feeling of an underground village. I will let the photo's speak for themselves, but the mix of old posters, reclaimed office furniture, paintings, pottery, lamps, and signs, is like a goldmine of all that is vintage and retro ! There were even a couple of Eames chairs !

Mine's a Pint ! 

A Pair of Eames Chairs, I didn't ask the price ! 

This mirror was at least 3 feet wide. 

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