Friday, June 22, 2012

The Lovely Bones

It seems a lot of the film critics did not like The Lovely Bones, but not having read the book, it's turned out to be a movie we have seen three times now! It is both a disturbing and sad movie, but it is totally enlightened by some amazing photography, and Peter Jackson's direction. There is one point in the movie where Suzie Salmon is in a huge field of corn, and all the others that have been murdered are all coming together under a large tree. At this point the Song to the Siren drifts into the scene, a perfect song for that moment in the film :  

Tim Buckley

This Mortal Coil

Tim Buckley wrote the song, but This Mortal Coil's version was used in the movie. Both versions are amazing but it would be great to hear which one you prefer, and why ! 

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