Saturday, March 23, 2013


Having visited several trade shows in January, and had the chance to see what is in the shops for Spring in Hong Kong, New York and Frankfurt, there is a distinct lack of fun graphics for the kids market to start this year off ! To be frank it was really really disappointing, children's clothes should be all about great colours and graphics, and what was in the stores was bland, and printless in the main.
Some might say this is playing it safe, but there is a huge difference between playing it safe and just being plain boring. I am sure mums want to get excited by the choice of clothes out there for their kids, but so far this year they are going really have to hunt around. Of course there should be good plain basics to mix in with the prints, and there are plenty of these !

Kohls !

One store that always has lots of great prints and graphics on their kids's apparel is Kohls. We have not had chance to see what is in their store for Spring yet, so here are some of the photo's from just before Xmas :

Older Boy

Toddler & Baby Boy

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