Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lou Reed 1942 - 2013

Such a sad day to hear Lou Reed passed away, a great pioneer of rock through from the Velvet Underground and his time spent with the brilliant Andy Warhol to the present day. Always his own man, always an innovator, he went his own way and could never abide fools. So many great songs left behind like Sweet Jane, Heroine, Waiting For My Man, Vicious, Walk On The Wild Side, Satellite of Love, Perfect Day, and the classic album Transformer.

Tribute to Lou Reed

This song is Sweet Jane from his Velvet Underground days, it's live and sounds just as good today, it is the essence of Rock & Roll :  

He collaborated a lot with David Bowie, they made Transformer together. This is Waiting For The Man live at David Bowie's 50th Birthday Party : 

A live recording from the 80's of Lou and his band doing Walk On The Wild Side : 

Thanks for all the great music ! 

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