Thursday, May 29, 2014

Surtex 2014 - A Sign Of The Times ?

A big thanks to our regular clients that came to the booth this year, the new artwork in the print collection was well received. We met one or two new clients, and a couple came across from the stationery fair, but the show was definitely a lot quieter this year and it looked like the attendance was way down. After all the work that goes into the booth, and the new artwork, it is disappointing that the visitors to the show are getting less and less.

Building the wall at the front of the booth was a challenge, the edges of the foamcore had to fit into a quarter inch metal slot, so cutting the board was a precision job ! We sealed the joins at the back with white duck tape. it was hard to spot the join once all the artwork was up. 

An Oasis of fun amid the construction ! 

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