Monday, April 27, 2015

Springtime in Paperchase !

We were out and about in Belfast on Saturday heading for a meal in Cafe Vaudeville, and decided to call into Paperchase on the way. We were so excited to see Rachel's 50's inspired tropical fruit print in the window ! 
Stepping inside the store was an even nicer surprise. Alongside some exciting notebooks, recipe books and file folders, there was also a whole product range called 'Happy Veggies' based on Tiger Kitty's colourful cute character, fruit and veg artwork ! The staff in the store told us what a fantastic reaction they are getting to both product packages. 

Rachel Westhead

Tiger Kitty

We have a whole new bunch of exciting new artwork from all our artists to show at the Blue Print show in New York form the 14th - 16th of May ! Look forward to seeing you there ! 

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