Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Atlanta Arts Festival - A Walk in the Park

The Festival makes a very pleasant morning walking around Piedmont Park in the sunshine, soaking up the creativity from various artists.

Mr Hooper Art
We collect anything to do with Robots here at Cinnamon Joe, and when we spied the wonderful Robots created by artist Tim Hooper we just had to have one.

We really love the mix of ephemeral with the modern glossy tin man, both of which are very topical.

You can find Tim Hooper at !

Darrell Lane
It was so nice to meet Darrell at the Festival, he is an amazing photographer that has travelled to many places in the world, his photographs capture people in their most natural and candid of moments.  He hand tints his photographs using cotton twisted around toothpicks as a painting tool, and uses oil dyes and water based paints applied directly to the black and white photographs. His artwork which also includes ancient architecture and landscapes, has appeared in national and international publications. 

I am posting his Facebook details, you can find out more about him there. 

Ella Richards
An artist who amazingly creates the most fluid art from paper cutting ! Ella draws out the design first, and then when she is happy with the image she cuts it out and glues it onto watercolour paper. We love the playfulness of the images, the lines have a sense of naivety and innocence, but are strong and definite, no line seems out of place. 

Ella very kindly gave us these beautiful postcards. Please take a look at her wonderful art at !

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