Monday, September 27, 2010


Took a trip up to Athens this Saturday, not the Athens of the Parthenon, but Athens, home of the Bulldogs and Georgia State University. The town centre is not that large but its tree lined streets are full of restaurants, bars and some great stand alone retail stores. It has a real cosmopolitan feel to it, with many of the restaurants having al fresco eating area's out on the pavement, and you'll even find a guy playing a violin under the shade of one of the trees.

Some of the best shops like Frontier, Helix, Flirts, Bluegirl Boutique, Cillies Clothing and the Native American store are on East Clayton street, here are some of the shop fronts :

Red and Black is definitely a big theme for this Fall :

Helix had a couple of nice windows, I wish the shop had been open at the time :


Athens loves it's Bulldogs, here are two found lurking suspiciously on the street corners : 

We found Dynamite on our first visit to Athens back in February : 

And again this weekend.  You can find them at 143, North Jackson Street :


Will post again tomorrow on the gorgeous Frontier store !

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