Thursday, April 3, 2014

Andrea at Camelot Fabrics !

Andrea has been really busy this past year, not only with artwork for the print collection, but also with several new projects. One of them was to create an exclusive range of prints for Camelot Fabrics in Toronto, and now we have seen the results we are really pleased with how the prints and colours have turned out on the fabric. The prints are in three collections : 

Itty Bitty, a cute summer collection with little butterflies, bugs, and matching florals 

Theodore & Izzy a mix of bear and bee and beautiful florals 

Petite Plume gives the peacock theme a twist mixed with lots of modern florals

These fabrics are available from Camelot Fabrics : The good thing is that you can also read about the artists that created the designs on their website, it's a nice way to credit them for their amazing talents !

Also featured on, and a big thanks to Bowie for featuring Andrea !

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Pocketful of Patterns said...

These are beautiful - I'd want them ALL!! :)