Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Stephanie Thannhauser

I was looking back through Steph's paperwork today because I was sure she had been with us about 10 years, but in October this year she will have been with us for 12 years ! We sold her first print on the 8th of October 2002, and our first ever show that year was Indigo in Paris, we were stuck in a corner at the back of Hall 5 at the Parc Des Expositions, Paris. We came back to Indigo the following year and that was the year we got our first agents in the US, which was a very exciting time for us.
Steph always has a lot going on apart from doing prints for us, and she also runs her own blog at Her style is very much her own, fun cute characters and icons, and modern floral prints that always stand out in the print collection.
This is Stephs Bio Page from our original Cinnamon Joe Studio website. I can still look at the this site and laugh at the character antics, though we do have an exciting brand new website coming up in the summer, that is going to feature many of the artists who are with us now.

Over the years Stephs prints have sold to all sorts of clients from Fisher-Price to Toys R Us, and American Greetings to Paperchase, her artwork does lend itself very well to greeting cards. 

12 years Steph, there wasn't even broadband back when we started ! 

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