Monday, October 11, 2010

Cool Britannia !

Great Britain is so topical at the moment as a theme for many products. The Union Jack finds itself re-interpreted into ditzy prints, or geometrics, and used as a fill. The quirkiness of all things British make wonderful icons in repeat patterns. The big red double decker bus, the Tower of London, and Big Ben are just a few iconic images adorning stationery, interiors, and even clothing. It truly is a great story to consider with wonderful applications for many product areas, which I imagine will be even more popular as we draw nearer to the Olympics in 2012.

Here are some images from Andrea's recent trip to London :

Laura Ashley :

Iconic Imagery : postage stamp, deer and crown : 

Next : Great interpretation for the children's market : 

Paperchase : Modern geometrics in a Union Jack guise : 

Clinton Cards : Vintage florals reborn : 

Vintage Florals and Union Jack mixed in what is now a firm favourite of skull and crossbones : 

An interior window on Tottenham Court Road : 

Mmmmm an institution - Marmite ! You either love it or hate it ! We love it ! John Lewis Window on Oxford Street : 

An amazing bit of collage artwork on London underground. There is the London Eye, St Paul's Cathedral, the Gherkin and London Bridge, it even maintains the red, white and blue : 

Iconic linear skyline on stationery goods in a window in Spitalfields market : 

Paperchase : last but not least - Happy Birthday : 

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