Monday, October 25, 2010

Fontalicious !!

Fascinating fonts and the play of scale, colour, and pattern technique, make an interesting graphic in itself.
No longer are fonts thought of as an add on or an explanation, they are a true art form.

Recommended reads :

House by House Industries.

Showcasing their graphic design business from its origins up till 2004, this book takes you through wonderful in house generated typeface that make bold statements in their own right, but also patterns within patterns.

Hand Job : A Catalogue of Type by Michael Perry.

From cover to cover this book illustrates the importance of type. Michael Perry is a master at manipulating imagery and icons to form alphabets. With typeface currently at the forefront of design, this book is a must.
It's inspiring, creative, topical, and humorous. Go buy it !

Device "Art Commercial" by Rian Hughes

We love the work of Rian Hughes, it's dynamic, skillful, vibrant, playful and exciting.  A graphic designer, Rian's art illustrates promotions and products with bold graphic statements, he understands colour and how to use it. Type is used if necessary and placed to enhance the design. This book also provides the viewer with a selected array of fonts, but it is the mastery of his art form that amazes and tantalizes the reader.

A selection of photographs celebrating Typefaces as an art form : 

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